Paul's Train Tracker

Thanks for visiting Paul's Train Tracker (pttrack). Pttrack is a Zope application. I wrote it for my father, that's Paul, while I was learning to develop for the Zope application server. Since he's found it useful, I thought I'd share it with the Open Source community via the GPL.

Pttrack allows you to create folders to organize your model train inventory. It uses the Zope Database to store the following inforamtion about each item:

  • name
  • description
  • brand
  • model
  • serial number
  • comments
  • picture

While this application is far from mature, it is still quite useful. Hopefully as time passes, this application will gain additional features as development continues.

To see some screenshots of pttrack in action, click the following link: screenshots
Be sure to check out the interactive demo: pttrack demo
To download pttrack, click the following link: download pttrack
To visit the pttrack source forge project, click the following link: source forge project

If you'd like to request a feature, report a bug, or volunteer to help with development, please me know by posting to the forums on the source forge web site.

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